Month: January 2014

In Response To…Jared Leto’s Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Jared Leto’s emphasis on how he transformed his body (You waxed your eyebrows, wow, good for you?) for his Dallas Buyers Club role as a trans person during his Oscar acceptance speech was irksome, especially in light of Laverne Cox’s elegant shutdown of Katie Couric’s invasive line of questioning. Couric hosted Cox, an actress on Orange Is The New Black, and Carmen Carrera, a model, for an episode of her daytime talk show, but only asked them questions about their transitioning processes. Couric’s focus on their “private parts” (Couric’s words) spurred Cox to school Couric on how transitioning should take a backseat to any number of trans issues that are far more serious and important than the status of a transgender’s genitals, such as violence, discrimination, and the high rate of homicide and unemployment among trans people. Cox tore down society’s toxic obsession with transition and transgender’s bodies while Leto just upheld it. This feels like a succinct summation of the problem with casting cisgendered, heterosexual actors to represent transgender roles, especially with an actually transgendered actress as talented as Cox on the scene. Let’s also consider this another reason why Jared Leto should just fall off the planet and leave us with only fond memories of him as Jordan Catalano.