Month: November 2013

Articles Read & Loved no. 5

Present Tense: Allie Brosh, Donald Glover, And Hurting Right Now by Linda Holmes

Against “The Death of the Novel” by Sam Sacks

Life in Black and White: Frances Ha, America’s best French New Wave film by Annie Barker

Hey Arnold!’s Thanksgiving episode is about making peace with your own weirdness by David Sims, Brandon Nowalk, Pilot Viruet & Sonia Saraiya

Counting Bodies by p.e cuts right to the core of why crime dramas, especially current ones, make me queasy: they saturate our culture with the bodies of dead women, bodies that have been reduced to objects.

The Song of Solomon: The Cultural Crater of 12 Years a Slave by Wesley Morris

Therapy: The Cause of, and Solution to, All of Writers’ Problems by Meredith Turtis explores how there is a whole niche corner of therapy exclusively catering to writers suffering from writer’s block. The insecurity of writers is impacted by a lot of things, and therapy, especially talk therapy where through talking out emotions and events one can spin a narrative of the self, is one of them.

Goodbye to All This by Lauren Quinn is an essay that tackles one of my biggest insecurities, one of the issues I struggle most with: the difference between writing and Being A Writer and do I really have the right to call myself a “writer”?